Aunties Fight On American Bus, Chinese Netizen Reactions


via chinaSMACK by Python on 10/10/09

This is an incident that happened on a San Francisco bus. The
Cantonese auntie's English is limited and she can only say few words
such as "F-word you" and "you are stupid". The black auntie hit the
Cantonese auntie first and it evolved into a full scale fight later.

Here's the movie:

It is said the black auntie took two seats and the Cantonese auntie
said "Excuse me" and asked her to move. The black auntie refused.

The black auntie pointed to the auntie's face with a finger and yelled
"You are going to walk off the bus".
The Cantonese auntie defended her dignity, said "You are stupid" and
"f-word you"
The black auntie got close to the auntie and said "say it again, say it again"
The Cantonese auntie said it again
The black auntie hit first
The Cantonese auntie fought back and showed her flying kick
The black auntie was defeated.

Comments from Hoopchina:


I thought I was watching a US soap opera.


What an exotic flavor!


Did the black person forget they also fought for their racial rights
on a bus before?

Comments from Mop:


Cantonese auntie is fearless!!! The black is unequal.

However, the people on the bus were so apathetic which made me sick ~~~

China is still better ~~~


It's said it happened in NY. The auntie carried a lot personal stuffs
onto the bus. The black took two seats and refused to give one. Then
they quarreled. The black took the first hit and the Cantonese Auntie
fight back. Some passengers yelled "beat her" in Cantonese.

Hghv vcvc:

[in English] never start a fight but always finish it.that is good.


That's the sexy 80s' sport suit and a flying kick. Swiftness has
nothing to do with body weight indeed.


This auntie is fearless. Pity she doesn't speak English.


I'm feeling embarrassed. We are all calling this auntie "Kong Fu Panda" now.


Is the auntie Huang Fei-Hong's descendent?


I should be more careful next time I get on a US bus.


A black people has already become president.


They probably forget Chinese fight with Kong Fu.


I heard that some passengers yell"stop fighting" in Cantonese.


Beating people is wrong, but I think this is a good one!


This is more refreshing than the parade.


I support this auntie's actions. Black people that once had no human
rights in the United States but now dares to bully us Chinese people
deserve to be hit. Do they not know China presently holds sway over
the world economy?

Comments from Chinanews:


Now I know the importance of learning a foreign language.


And I know the importance of learning Chinese Kong Fu.

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