Yahoo力邀Google Answers成员加入

Google刚放话出来宣布停止Google Answers服务,Yahoo就发出热情洋溢的邀请信,招揽原来GA团队的成员加入Yahoo Answers。

...this is an open invitation for those researchers to join us. Please consider sharing your knowledge with millions of people on Yahoo! Answers; connect with users with shared interests; get answers to all your questions; and help build the world's most vibrant and trusted community.

The folks who are researchers and information specialists have been at this longer than us, and there's a lot we can learn from you. We've set up a Yahoo! Group for former Google Answers Researchers and we'd prefer that one of the exGARs help moderate the group....

We look forward to seeing you on Yahoo! Answers!

Tomi Poutanen
Yahoo! Social Search
Yahoo甚至已经为他们准备好了专门的讨论组——Yahoo! Group for former Google Answers Researchers用心良苦啊!

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