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via Gizmodo by John Mahoney on 1/9/09

After the majors loosed their loads on press day, what new discoveries remained? Here we bring you today's more under-the-radar highlights.

FyreTV Porn Streamer: A quick jump over to AVN yielded juicy fruit: Jason "Roku What?" Chen's favorite porno streamer now does it without wires. Discerning adult cinema fans need their AV center CLEAN and CLUTTER FREE.

HDi Dune Blu-ray Players With BitTorrent : Toss your torrents into this Blu-ray deck's client over the network, then play back your pirated catch with its crazy extensive codec support. Brilliant.

The Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan Experience: Speakers + ceiling fan. Sometimes, a headline says it all.

Dell Mini 10: A 720p screen and a TV tuner is a nice bump for one of our favorite netbook series.

Cell Mate Hands-Free Cellphone Holder: Bluetooth is for the moneyed d-bag elite; real mobile gangstas clamp their iPhones to their heads.

If you missed the early highlights from the majors, our Day One Roundup can help. And enjoy the rest of our CES coverage here: CES 2009


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